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The science of diagnosing and treating disorders of the female genital tract and reproductive system.
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(GYN) (gī'nĕ-kol'ŏ-jē)
The medical specialty concerned with diseases of the female genital tract, as well as endocrinology and reproductive physiology of the female.
Synonym(s): gynaecology.
[gyneco- + G. logos, study]
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The speciality concerned with abnormality and disease of the female external genitalia (vulva), the vagina, womb (uterus), Fallopian tubes, ovaries and other structures in and about the female pelvis, and with the breasts. It is concerned, in particular, with menstrual disorders, ENDOMETRIOSIS, pelvic infection, cancer of the uterus and adjacent organs, cysts and tumours of the ovaries, infertility, contraception and complications of child-bearing including ectopic pregnancy and breast lactation disorders.
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Q. What is ovarian cyst and why is it painful? Is that pathological? Dangerous? Need information please.

A. don’t worry- ovarian cyst is usually a natural thin. It shouldn’t be of a problem. And if you need to hear it from a gynecologist:

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On Friday, Dr Wanyoike Gichui, a gynecologist, obstetrician and University of Nairobi lecturer, said endometriosis is a very chronic illness that can take seven years or more to diagnose.
What an absolutely frivolous decision," said the gynecologist.
These views were expressed by the noted gynecologist speakers while addressing the first symposium on recent updates in Pathogeneses of Pre-Eclampsia hosted by the Department of Biochemistry-Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Khyber Medical University (KMU) Peshawar here on Friday.
The sample consisted of 95 post graduate trainee gynecologists., recruited from public sector hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan.
I first saw a gynecologist when I was already in my 30s to get a pap smear, because I just read somewhere that it was something I should do.
The majority of survey participants (78%) reported having been to a gynecologist, 37% attended annual visits, 78% had health insurance, 56% delayed care because of gender identity concerns, and 20% experienced mistreatment at a gynecologist's office.
According to an official source, there were 26 posts of WMO and gynecologists lying vacant since long and at present there was not even a single gynecologist or WMO in the whole district.
According to the ministry's plan, private obstetrics hospitals will be able to apply for additional staff including gynecologists and pediatricians, after decreasing the number of caesareans in their facility.
Consider referral of these patients because gynecologists and pediatric endocrinol ogists have the most experience with this medication.
This reference for general gynecologists reviews a number of gynecological conditions that are not true gynecological malignancies, which can safely be managed by the general gynecologist.
When a diabetic mother's glucose level is high during pregnancy, the baby can receive too much glucose and grow too large, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.