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I've had my gumshield specially made too but it's a lot cheaper than Mayweather's JOE HAM
I thought I was coming back but the gumshield let me down.
But his chances have improved since he finally got a replacement gumshield following a trip to his specialist in Paris, whom he has to see every two or three months.
Ameobi, who hit two goals in Newcastle's 3-0 win over West Brom last weekend, played with a gumshield after breaking some teeth against Wigan.
He will just have to wear a gumshield during action scenes for the film so his teeth look perfect.
The former boxer has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is in hospital after standing in the road pretending to direct traffic while wearing a multi-coloured gumshield and a floppy hat.
Draskovic even spat out his gumshield, seemingly to buy himself a few more seconds respite, as the round drew to a finish, with Harrison being roared home by the crowd.
1 Selby was docked two points in the third round for spitting out his gumshield five times but his toothless showing was ruthlessly punished by the Scot, who now fights Charlie Edwards tomorrow.
COURTNEY Lawes has become the third England player to be fined for wearing a branded gumshield during the Rugby World Cup.
There was an amazed gasp from the crowd and before the derisive shouts began, Biggs, flushed with embarrassment, said thickly through his gumshield, "I didn't mean to.
Tom donned the gloves, put in his gumshield and squared up for the three-round bout with the one-time WBO World Welterweight champion John H Stracey.
HAVING had his front teeth knocked out while playing rugby as a 13-year-old, Ben Gunn, highly promising schoolboy boxer, was understandably wary when his gumshield was sent flying from his mouth during a bout.