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adj. guilt·ier, guilt·iest
a. Responsible for a reprehensible act; culpable.
b. Law Found to have violated a criminal law by a jury or judge.
c. Deserving blame, as for an error: guilty of misjudgment.
2. Suffering from or prompted by a sense of guilt: a guilty conscience.

guilt′i·ly adv.
guilt′i·ness n.


(in criminal law) a verdict by the court that to a moral certainty it is beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime and is responsible for the offense as charged.

Patient discussion about guilty

Q. I feel guilty about my health caring.Can things I do (or not do) as parent, cause autism in my child? I am a parent who is planning to send my child to school for the first time. : I feel guilty about my health caring. Can things I do (or not do) as parent, cause autism in my child?

A. If everyone feels guilty like you about their health, then this whole earth will hold perfect humans with complete health. I wish you the same. Autism is a biomedical disorder. We don't know if there are any things that a parent can do or not do, conclusively, will determine whether their child gets autism or not. In fact, there is no association with anything that a parent can do and their child ending up with autism. Most of the evidence right now points to there being a very strong genetic predisposition in most cases of autism, but not all.

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Moreover, in a passage we cited earlier, Angelo suggests that the duke might legitimately claim a similar position for himself: "O my dread lord, / I should be guiltier than my guiltiness, / To think I can be undiscernible, / When I perceive your Grace, like pow'r divine, / Hath look'd upon my passes" (5.
I feel all the guiltier because Cardwell has been formulating his approach since, demonstrably, at least 1951.
Moreover, the guiltier the clients, the less sense it made to bring them before a jury.
Additionally, participants should rate the defendant as guiltier when there are no self-affirming instructions (either no instructions, egalitarian instructions, or procedural justice instructions) than when there are such instructions.
For The Man-in-Charge, however, there are few guiltier pleasures than watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.
Sid, John and Alf are on hand to rescue her, but when it's discovered her recent chemo treatment weakened her heart, Sid feels guiltier than ever.
I told them, the Speaker and to the entire assembly that if they were guilty in the eyes of the government, then I was even guiltier because I was their leader and I did not stop them.
Working men in America are guiltier of emailing during off hours with 65 percent of those who have work email sharing that they do so versus 51 percent of their female counterparts.
You've probably been blamed for something you did not do, but the more you shout your innocence, the guiltier you look.
CALL MY LIBRA LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0727 YOU'VE probably been blamed for something you did not do, but the more you shout your innocence, the guiltier you look.
Unfortunately, the scheme backfires when her boss takes a tumble instead, left, leaving Jane feeling guiltier than ever for lying to him about what she's been up to on her evenings off.
Iraqis who live, work, or happen to be driving down the street when a bomb explodes are no guiltier than you, but American soldiers "detain" them nonetheless, usually without charges or even the promise of a trial.