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The patient, caregiver, or entity responsible for payment of the health care bill.
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For purposes of [section] 1002.7(d), the term includes guarantors, sureties, endorsers, and similar parties.).
In a construction financing, the lender will often require the owner of the property that is being developed to have an individual or entity--also known as a "guarantor"--sign an environmental indemnity agreement.
LOANS WARNING Guarantor loans are saddling friends and relatives with "mountains of debt" and are potentially just as damaging as payday loans, a charity has warned.
In addition, Moody's has changed the financial flexibility metrics it uses in its analysis to determine ratings, to focus on guarantors'
Banks have decided to cut bad loan stories short, and will now ' name and shame' loan defaulters and their guarantors by publishing their names and photographs in newspapers and on notice boards of bank branches and community centres as well as around the residences of such borrowers.
Moody's says, "The ruling in favor of Assured is credit positive for financial guarantors because it strengthens their negotiating positions in ongoing litigations against banks for alleged breaches of representations and warranties on mortgage loans within insured RMBS transactions."
The agency on Monday put on "negative" watch the ratings of 15 eurozone member states including AAA-rated EFSF guarantor members Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Finland and the Netherlands.
Even so, many property managers do take guarantors from across the country, including Rose Associates.
It is too late for many guarantors to do anything after discovering that the borrowers they have endorsed are unscrupulous people who have not been sincere in settling their debts.
The Halifax has accepted guarantors for a long time and has a competitive tracker rate deal of 2.59 per cent until 2012.
The Greek Cypriot House of Representatives, last week, approved unanimously a resolution reading that in Cyprus Cyprus, as a member state of the European Union, there should not be provisions for guarantors or guarantees.
When the loan went into default, CULS demanded that the guarantors honor their obligations.