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The patient, caregiver, or entity responsible for payment of the health care bill.
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(99.) Id.; Mann, supra note 41 ("Justices Anthony Kennedy and Elena Kagan were concerned about another problem, emphasized by Judge Richard Posner in a lower court opinion on the topic: if 'applicant' is extended to include 'guarantor,' then the logical consequence would be that the guarantors have the right to invalidate the entire loan, not just their guaranties--a considerable windfall for the borrower.
Consequently, any required top up of Sukuk assets, funds for profit payment, and funds for eventual repayment to Sukukholders is to a significant extent reliant on the guarantor. At present, however, the intention remains to refinance the remaining amount of Sukuk principle at maturity.
Is former president Asif Ali Zardari guarantor of development in the country, he questioned.
The 8th round of Astana Conference on Syria will kick off on Friday by participation of delegations from guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey), Syrian government, Syrian opposition forces and observers, including the UN, the US and Jordan in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.
Hearing the petition filed by Dar's guarantor Ahmed Ali Qaddoosi against the judgment of the accountability court, the IHC granted a 24-hour stay on the order, a day after the investigation officer of the NAB submitted details of the guarantor's movable properties to the accountability court.
It may be mentioned here that on December 18, an investigation officer of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had submitted details of the guarantor's movable properties to the accountability court.
The court had said in its judgement that a medical report filed by the finance minister was a tactic to delay the case and he was intentionally skipping court hearings.The order further stated that Dar's guarantor had to submit Rs 5 million within three days, after which his property would be seized and put on auction.
In this article, we explore some of the issues guarantors should consider when reviewing the definitions, representations, warranties and covenants and obligations in an indemnity agreement, and suggest a few ways a guarantor may narrow the scope of the indemnity to better protect its interests.
referred, and a counter guarantor is not connected with it and not
These notes are secured by a first priority security interest in, subject to certain permitted liens, substantially all of the existing and future assets of Intelsat Jackson and the subsidiary guarantors, and in the case of the parent guarantor, the stock of Intelsat Jackson owned by the parent guarantor.
In other words, the guarantor must guarantee a specific debt.
I agreed to act as guarantor when my son took out a mortgage with his partner.