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A dried paste of the crushed seeds of Paullinia cupana (family Sapindaceae), a vine extensively cultivated in Brazil. It contains guaranine (caffeine), saponin, a volatile oil, and paullinitannic acid. Has been used to relieve headache.
[Native Brazilian word]
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(gwă-ră-nă′) [Native Brazilian word]
A stimulant derived from Paullinia cupana, a Brazilian plant used in folk remedies for its supposed effects on alertness and cognition. The plant contains caffeine and other chemicals, but has not been proven to enhance thinking, treat dementia, or alter any neuropsychiatric functions.


Because some guarana-based products have high levels of caffeine, care should be taken in their use to avoid caffeine overdose.
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sorbilis (Mart.), the guarana, was isolated and supplied by EMBRAPA Oriental (Agropecuary Research Brazilian Enterprise) located in Western Amazon in Maues, Amazonas, Brazil.
No segundo dia, ingeriram 8 capsulas de placebo de uma vez, 60 minutos antes do treino e no terceiro dia, os atletas ingeriram 8 capsulas de po de guarana de uma vez, com 60 minutos de antecedencia ao treino.
The potential side effects of guarana are similar to those of caffeine, including sleep problems, anxiety, restlessness, upset stomach, and quickened heartbeat.
For more than 26 years, she has maintained contractual trading with the Satere-Mawe tribe, who collect the warana kernels from the wild forest-grown Guarana vines, where they are harvested during the winter season, then processed slowly in the traditional artisanal and tribal way.
In fact, XC chemical admixture tested here was experimentally designed based in the guarana chemical matrix, and initial results suggested its anti-inflammatory effect (Figure 1(b)).
Flavonoid components of citrus fruit and guarana seeds, however, act synergistically to counteract this obesity-induced defect.
Nao adiantava produzir o guarana, exportar e ganhar dinheiro se nao proporcionasse o desenvolvimento sustentavel.
Formulated with exotic refreshment in mind, the RCQ Special Edition Flavours line offers a mouth-watering assortment of flavours including: Guava Melon, Cranberry Acai, Sicilian Lemonade and Guarana. Each flavour's packaging incorporates a unique creature character that clearly identifies the specific variant to generate attention in stores and forge recognition.
She warned that energy drinks contain large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, stimulants, amino acids and caffeine as well as additives such as guarana and ginseng.
These include Acai, Citrus, Guarana, Grape, Catuaba, Gooseberry, Tutti frutti savour concentrates and the award winning Brasil Fruit energy drink.
However, the drinks frequently contain high levels of caffeine and other unregulated but potentially dangerous substances, such as the stimulant guarana. Nearly half of all U.S.-reported caffeine overdose incidents involved patients younger than 19, the study's authors pointed out.