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Neonatology A deep-pitched gutteral rumble which may be heard by infants suffering from respiratory distress. See Respiratory distress syndrome.
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Patient discussion about grunting

Q. My baby is grunting and groaning while I breastfeed him. Is this normal? It only happens from time to time, but he makes these weird noises while nursing and I would like to know if it's standard behavior.

A. Does it sound like he is having trouble breathing while you breastfeed him? Does he make these sounds while crying also, or just while eating? All of these are things you should report to your pediatrician so you can be sure that the baby is not suffering from anything other than simple reflux while being breastfed.

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For instance, Serena Williams has said that she is not bothered by opponents grunting in the heat of the competition.
"I really don't care about the grunting because I am not the only one doing it.
7.25am: I check if the grunting is munching, but it's staring at the telly with a half-chewed piece of toast in its jaws.
I hope the WTA immediately brings in a plan for a 'grunting machine' to measure the loudness of the noise and the players can be reprimanded.
Asked how Jovanovski compared with the grunting of Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, Lisicki said: ""Grunting is part of the game, but it shouldn't be off-putting and be an advantage for the opponent, the one who is doing it."
Ex-world number one Martina Navratilova is leading the call for grunting to be stamped out, with Wimbledon officials promising to take up the fight during this year's tournament.
You never see grunting in snooker, rugby or boxing, even when women are taking part.
Ironically, Larcher De Brito voiced her stand on a day when her grunting would barely have registered on a decibel counter as she beat Klara Zakopalova 6-2 7-5 to progress to the second round.
The technique is called worm grunting, and it might seem like magic.
Sharap a you face: Maria's grunting will not be missed at Wimbledon
Upon my return, the grunting choir struck up at the same spot, with the last two exchanging messages.
NOver in Coulson's old haunt of Albert Square, there was a lot of grunting going on this week.