growth regulator

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growth reg·u·la·tor

substance that can alter the growth of a living organism.
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Another favorable aspect is protection against adverse conditions during the first application of the growth regulator, which can prevent the product from producing the desired results (MATEUS et al.
Fleas and ticks are known for spreading disease so to avoid infestation Family Pest Control uses insect growth regulators to prevent over-wintering eggs from developing.
The experiments in an in-vitro condition were carried in a completely randomized design with 4 plant growth regulator and 3 replications.
Percent rooted cuttings: Comparison of two growth regulators indicated that cuttings were significantly affected by growth regulators, concentrations and their interaction for percent rooted cuttings (Table 1).
GJ: We're set to launch Blush plant growth regulator into the fruit market pending EPA registration.
Without a growth regulator, enzymes called kinases become overactive and cause the kidney cells to proliferate abnormally and to secrete fluids when they should be absorbing them, says study coauthor Oxana Ibraghimov-Beskrovnaya, a cell biologist at Genzyme Corp.
The all-new formula combines Etofenprox, a well-tested adulticide that kills fleas, deer ticks and mosquitoes, and (S)-Methoprene, a proven insect growth regulator to prevent flea eggs from maturing.
The main difference between a plant hormone and plant growth regulator can be summed up by remembering: "All plant hormones are plant growth regulators, but not all plant growth regulators are plant hormones.
However, these results suggest that fish secrete a growth regulator into the water.