growth regulator

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growth reg·u·la·tor

substance that can alter the growth of a living organism.
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[ClickPress, Mon Jul 01 2019] The report on the global Insect Growth Regulator Market provides a detailed insight into key drivers and restraints, notable trends, share and size of various segments, and competitive landscape.
Caulerpin possess different biological activities for instance antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities [24], antitumor activity [25] and as a plant growth regulator [3].
Effect of a plant growth regulator prohexadione-calcium on insect pests of apple and pear.
Growth regulator (trinexapac-ethyl) was applied with a backpack sprayer at constant pressure of 30 lb [pol.sup.-2], by compressed C[O.sub.2], using flat-jet nozzles, following the technical recommendation for the wheat crop between the phenological stage of 1st and 2nd visible node.
Seeds treated with this growth regulator and stored at 10[degrees]C (Figure 2) presented a lower germination percentage than untreated seeds.
Evaluation of growth regulator inhibitors for controlling Postbloom Fruit Drop (PFD) of citrus induced by fungi in Colletotrichumacutatum.
Augustinegrass plots (2 x 2 m) with buffer zones (1 x 1 m) in randomized complete block design with 5 replicates consisting of 2 plant growth regulator treatments and untreated water control at the University of Florida (UF) Plant Science Unit in Citra, Florida.
Among the topics are granular carrier effects on the volatility of pesticide formulations, inorganic powders used in agricultural formulations, a laboratory in vitro test method for determining the disposition of chemicals in contact with the skin, the REACH registration process with regard to co-formulants in plant protection products, and water conditioners and growth regulator herbicides.
Using an insect growth regulator not only prevents pets from developing allergic reactions from fleas and ticks, but it also stops these pests from infesting bedding, furniture, and other places in the home.