growth rate of population

growth rate of pop·u·la·tion

a measure of population change in the absence of migration, comprising addition of newborns and subtraction of deaths; the result is known as the natural rate of increase of the population; it is the difference between the crude birth rate and the crude death rate.
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Job generation must be embedded in the 12th Five Year Plan with policies and sectors clearly identified that will generate much-needed additional employment given our continuing high growth rate of population.
The growth rate of population in the decade 2001-2011 was 17.
The average annual growth rate of population in the Makkah region is 4.
Similarly the natural growth rate of population which represents difference between births and deaths is also higher in rural areas though it declined from 2.
Though the growth rate of population in rural areas of EAG States is nearly three times that in rural areas in non EAG States in 2011, it is for the first time that significant decrease of growth rate is seen in the rural areas of EAG States.
Table-2 convincingly indicates that, the decadal growth rate of population (17.
These are: an alarming growth rate of population, abysmally low literacy rate, wide-spread unemployment, deteriorating economic environment, largest dependency rate, poor physical infrastructure, persistent energy crisis, heavy import bills, inconsistent policies, acute shortage of public and private sector resources for research and development, lack of technical institutions and experts, undue import and export of domestic agriculture products, wastage of mineral and atomic resources, lack of industrial development, luxurious spending.
The growth rate of population for India in the last decade was 17.
In addition, we also replace the rate of change in labor input by the growth rate of population.
Growth rate of population declined during 1990-2000 because fertility rate declined rapidly during this period and life expectancy stagnated.
The only reason is the high growth rate of population of Pakistan as compared to the other countries of the world.
Growth rate of population is measured as annual population growth rate.