growing fracture

grow·ing frac·ture

linear skull fracture in a young child which increases in size, usually as the result of an associated dural tear and arachnoid cyst formation within the fracture line.
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Brexit has exposed a growing fracture in our society, through which we have witnessed an increasing intolerance of people from other countries, an intolerance of differing viewpoints and disrespect to those who seek to serve their communities through public office.
Whereas 71 per cent of the French consider that far-left 'fourth-man' candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon (19 per cent) was "best positioned to understand the problems of the French", the signal of a growing fracture within the French society appears crudely.
The professor, who also specializes in Scottish history, has observed the growing fracture between Scotland's political views and those of the rest of the UK.
(4.) Tandon PN, Banerji AK, Bhatia R, et al: Cranio-cerebral erosion (growing fracture of the skull in children).
Growing fracture of the skull and the role of CT case report.
It''s apt that the city at the forefront of ecumenism and healing the Protestant/Catholic chasm of Northern Ireland, should now attend to the growing fracture between Christianity in general and Islam.
For two decades, unfunded federal mandates have symbolized the growing fracture in state-federal fiscal relations.
Such Incidents do point to a growing fracture in communication between town hall officialdom and elected councillors -- a matter which needs urgent and decisive clarification.
A brief examination of the language and education policies of the government illustrates the growing fractures in society that eventually led to a decadeslong civil war.
Meanwhile, "the growing fractures in Wonkru threaten to explode once and for all," according to the show's synopsis.
But as Ibbitson notes when surveying the growing fractures in our country and the decline in Ottawa's impact on Canadians' daily lives, a root cause is our "growing indifference to the idea of Canada." It is in just such a setting that radical new change may appear.