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The classification of individual traits according to a shared characteristic.
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blood grouping

Classification of blood of different individuals according to agglutinating and hemolyzing qualities before making a blood transfusion.
See: blood group; blood transfusionillustration

perceptual grouping

The processing of information derived from nerves in the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, and any other sensory structures. This function helps in understanding the environment and forming a coherent image of what is perceived.
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Lead author Karla Alamo-Martinez of the Center for Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Morelia, said that they show how the relationship between globular clusters and dark matter depends on the distance from the center of the galaxy grouping.
469-4 specifies that groupings must remain consistent from year to year unless (1) it is determined that a grouping was clearly inappropriate; (2) a material change in facts and circumstances warrants a grouping change; or (3) the IRS finds that a group of activities does not represent an appropriate economic unit and a principal purpose of the grouping is to circumvent the underlying purposes of Sec.
I can't name people from these groupings because my position doesn't allow me to and it is not my job to do so," Tanov said.
The Council has also introduced new clauses providing that member states should approve agreements outlining the tasks and competencies of groupings (the initial proposal only referred to notification of member states), as well as all modifications to these agreements or groupings' statutes.
Thus, this work is a logical pedagogical choice for playing different groupings within an orchestral score.
BALANCE OF POLITICAL GROUPINGS House of Representatives House of Councillors
In this "global history" Riley shows precious little awareness of power relationships between dominant groupings in any society and the subjugated many.
But for most districts, there's no way for teachers or administrators to organize the test data in the fall by the new school and teacher/class groupings.
Larger shrubs or even trees can be safely planted on hillsides or open areas if they are grouped with large clear spaces in between groupings that would act as firebreaks.
The Art and Framing Council has compiled a list of guidelines for creating art groupings.
Working quickly with a wide-angle lens, I shot seven different groupings, rotating the choreographers around Miss Graham.