group psychotherapy

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group psy·cho·ther·a·py

a type of psychological treatment involving several patients participating together in the presence of one or more psychotherapists who facilitate both emotional and rational cognitive interaction to effect targeted changes in the maladaptive behavior of the individual patient in his or her everyday interpersonal exchanges. See also entries under group
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He is a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and is a member of the Family and Generational Issues Work Group of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).
During my residency, at my mentor's suggestion, I joined the American Group Psychotherapy Association and started attending the local chapter's conferences.
Often insightful, unmistakably raw, and hardly dull, this book offers a close-up look at the dynamics of 12-Step recovery from within the group psychotherapy setting.
Dayton currently provides individual, couples, and group psychotherapy in Washington, DC, integrating a biopsychosocial framework into his approach.
While not necessarily a support group in the traditional sense, group psychotherapy can often help you understand that others are grappling with your same challenges, and members of the group may be helpful in offering insight into the condition or strategies to help you cope.
Outpatient utilization measures separately counted visits for assessment/diagnostic evaluation; medication management; individual, family, and group psychotherapy; and days of structured/intensive outpatient services.
These include individual and group psychotherapy, in addition to other counseling services which include (but are not limited to) marital/couples, child and family, LGBTQ, as well as substance abuse and addiction.
Deepening Group Psychotherapy with Men: Stories and Insights for the Journey
It includes examples which remain true to and attest to the cumbersome task of a group analytic conductor as well as the power and peril of interconnectedness in group psychotherapy.
The people participating in the pilot program will receive free individual therapy, group psychotherapy, recreation opportunities, and transportation, if needed.
At the same time, psychological support teams organised events for primary psychological first aid, socio-psychological rehabilitation, and group psychotherapy. Such activities seek to help the IDPs to recover from war trauma, particularly kids.

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