group psychotherapy

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group psy·cho·ther·a·py

a type of psychological treatment involving several patients participating together in the presence of one or more psychotherapists who facilitate both emotional and rational cognitive interaction to effect targeted changes in the maladaptive behavior of the individual patient in his or her everyday interpersonal exchanges. See also entries under group
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Aims: To investigate the impact of group psychotherapy on the anxiety and depression of individuals suffering from liver disease and viral hepatitis.
Cognitive-existential group psychotherapy for women with primary breast cancer: a randomised controlled trial.
Given the specificity of the text, I would not recommend it as a primary text for a graduate level dos in general group therapy, but it could be used as a suggested supplemental text for a group psychotherapy or bereavement course.
Though, the real essence of the group psychotherapy is to improve the psychological wellbeing, it is probable that some participants may be shy to freely discuss all their psychosocial problems in spite of all the assurances.
Community-wide programs that repair the social fabric may have more potential in these settings than individual or group psychotherapy.
Taken together, these two studies point to the viability of a values-based, existential therapeutic model in viably engaging and working with men in group psychotherapy.
More recently, a process analysis of seven adults in group psychotherapy found that the visual analysis of a patient's social atom (that is, diagram of human relationships) was associated with the healing of unresolved emotional pain and the repair of fragmentation in interpersonal relationships (McVea, Gow, & Lowe, 2011).
The aim--to find out the point of view of substance use disorder patients regarding number of visits, duration of treatment and efficacy of self-help groups, individual and group psychotherapy.
A review of interpersonal- psychodynamic group psychotherapy outcomes for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Using the theory of reasoned action for the understanding, prediction, and control of premature termination behavior in group psychotherapy.
His professional memberships and service included his association within the Western Diocese of the Anglican Church of MA, the Board of the Massachusetts Down's Syndrome Congress, the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.
They address the causes of psychological problems in self and identity, self-regulation, interpersonal processes, social cognition, and emotion; assessment and diagnosis; and interventions and clinical interactions like self-directed change, social influence processes and persuasion in psychotherapy, transference, and group psychotherapy.

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