ground-glass pattern

ground-·glass pat·tern

radiographic or CT appearance of hazy opacity that fails to obscure pulmonary vascular markings.
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ground-glass pat·tern

(grownd-glas pat'ĕrn)
Radiographic or computed tomographic appearance of hazy opacity that does not obscure underlying anatomic detail.
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Radiographic findings can include small "snowflake-like" nodular densities corresponding to areas of alveolar hemorrhage, large confluent consolidations, or a diffuse, ill-defined ground-glass pattern that may represent resolving hemorrhage.8-11 Serial radiographs may show progression from a nodular pattern to confluent consolidation, as seen in this patient (Figures 2,3).
(1) Three CT patterns of PCP have been characterized and include a ground-glass pattern, a patchwork pattern, and an interstitial pattern.
Although a computerized tomography (CT) scan was not available for our review, a CT is more sensitive than a standard X ray, and we would have expected a characteristic ground-glass pattern. Diffuse bilateral patchy or ground-glass opacifications are noted in 50-70% of patients with HP (23).