Ground Zero

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The point on the ground either where an atomic bomb has touched down or the point directly below its most intense effect in terms of heat and radiation.

Vox populi The site of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York City
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The whole city won't be complaining, given the economic impact' of the visitors descending on ground zero of the botched-ballot battle.
The Ground Zero mosque has become a bone of contention between the Muslim-Americans and the rest in the country, especially the relatives of September 11 attacks, who have been repeatedly saying that it is against morals to build the Islamic center at a place where thousands of Americans were killed by 'jihadis'.
Project Rebirth has been following developments at the Ground Zero site since 2002 and currently has cameras shooting from a number of locations on the site.
firefighters and all others who served in the Ground Zero Rescue and Recovery effort.
The study by Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York, who treated thousands of emergency workers, comes as lawyers sue the city over Ground Zero health risks.
With construction due to start on a new tower next year, this is expected to be the last chance families will have to pay their respects at the base of Ground Zero.
The Schlossbergs, like thousands of people whose homes are near ground zero, are experiencing a variety of health problems as a result of the World Trade Center collapse.
TO THE strains of America The Beautiful, two pillars of light soar skywards from beside Manhattan's Ground Zero.
Ground Zero has replaced some of the Big Apple's more famous landmarks on every tourist's itinerary and become a tribute to the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers.
Crime Reporter HAYLEY CUTHBERTSON speaks to a Coventry officer who flew to the States to meet New York officers and see inside Ground Zero for himself.