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meristematic tissue

a region of a plant in which active cell division (MITOSIS) occurs, the cells of the meristem not being differentiated into a specialist form. Meristematic tissues occur at the root and shoot tips (see APICAL MERISTEM giving growth in length, while increase in girth of the plant is produced by the CAMBIUM of VASCULAR BUNDLES and the INTERFASCICULAR CAMBIUM. Note that such specialist dividing zones are not found in animals, where cell division occurs in most tissues.
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c Detail of the apical region showing the expansion of the pith (black asterisks), the pronounced activity of the ground meristem internal to the procambium (red asterisks) and external (red arrowheads) leading to the formation of lateral projections and consequent placement of apex in depression, d Overview of the mature stem.
The ground meristem, located between the two protodermal surfaces, is formed of cells of varied shapes with high meristematic activity.
ground meristem: Basic or fundamental tissue of the apical meristem; dermal tissues surround the ground meristem, and the provascular strands are embedded in it.

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