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meristematic tissue

a region of a plant in which active cell division (MITOSIS) occurs, the cells of the meristem not being differentiated into a specialist form. Meristematic tissues occur at the root and shoot tips (see APICAL MERISTEM giving growth in length, while increase in girth of the plant is produced by the CAMBIUM of VASCULAR BUNDLES and the INTERFASCICULAR CAMBIUM. Note that such specialist dividing zones are not found in animals, where cell division occurs in most tissues.
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Procambial rings, with more rectangular and diminute cells, are observed immersed in the ground meristem (Figure 1a, b, d, e).
The differentiation of the two cell layers on the upper surface, sometimes three layers (Figure 2c), and one a two cell layers on the lower surface are distinguished from the remaining layers of the ground meristem, especially seen through changes in cell shape and their hyaline contents.
The hypodermis is characterized by the differentiation of cells originated from the ground meristem, while the multisseriate epidermis derives from periclinal divisions of the protodermis (Fahn, 1974).

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