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Q. Hello my name is Nora. Years ago I was told I was bipolar and now am told I am suffering mood swings. Are not being bipolar and mood swings one of the same? This is my second time suffering depression and I have read that usually people do suffer two depressions in their life. Is this true? I was involved in an automobile accident way back in the 70's and had burr holes to relieve the pressure. I am now being told that it is common for people who suffer serious head injuries to have mood swings. True or false?

A. head trauma can alter personality, depends on the place of impact. there is a big difference between bipolar disorder and mood swings. although it look the same it's like walking vs. running, look the same but two very different states. and people can definitely experience acute depression once or twice in their life.

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For practical purposes, it can be assumed that the solar collector loop will have a smaller heat capacity rate than the ground loop in hybrid solar GHP systems giving the following expression:
A ground loop previously installed in a nearby middle school experienced elevated ground loop temperatures.
The depth of the ground loop is more than was recommended by the Mueller and Zarling (1960) and Nielsen and Zarling (1983) Alaskan studies.
Austin is fortunate enough to have several experienced ground loop installers as well as a number of qualified technicians.
For cooling, the heat pump functions as an air conditioner, and draws heat out of the house by transferring it to fluid in the ground loop through an evaporator.
Several innovative technologies were used: passive chilled sails, thermal storage using phase change material (PCM), a 100% dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) serving a raised floor air-distribution system with heat recovery of exhaust, heat recovery chillers, high-efficiency radiant heating and a ground loop heat exchanger that was cost-effectively integrated into structural piles.
The new system, named the Renewable Ground Loop (ReGL), utilizes various renewable energies (REs) surrounding a building to compose a desirable heat source and sink of a water-source heat pump (WSHP) to attain higher coefficient of performance (COP).
If you find you don't have enough rudder authority to achieve the first item, then you may not have enough to avoid a ground loop, even though the wind is usually not as strong on the ground as it is at 100 feet or so.
The significance of the VME II is based on Multistack Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller units that allow the operator to produce hot and cold water simultaneously while tying into closed or ground loop water sources.
The Bulletin 931 analogue signal conditioners isolate multiple signals on the same power source, reducing ground loop and common mode noise.
The downside is that this topology lends itself to common-mode voltage interference, ESD and ground loop issues.