gross scaling

gross scal·ing

(grōs skā'ling)
Older method of planning multiple calculus removal appointments that advocated removing only the large-sized calculus deposits from the entire mouth at the first appointment; no longer recommended because of the undesirable consequences that can result from incomplete calculus removal.
Synonym(s): circuit scaling.
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The treatment performed was oral hygiene instruction, removal of the splint, gross scaling around mandibular anteriors under local analgesia, reapplication of deficient fissure sealants , and regular two monthly appointments for supragingival scalings.
The bulk of original insert tips prevented insertion to the full depth of deeper pockets, leading clinicians to adopt an approach of gross scaling with power, then reappointing the patient for fine scaling using hand instruments.
Because of the recent focus on ergonomics and the paradigm shift in the area of gross scaling versus periodontal debridement, this text would also be a valuable guide to practicing dental hygienists.