gross hematuria

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gross he·ma·tu·ri·a

the presence of blood in the urine in sufficient quantity to be visible to the naked eye as a distortion in the normal yellow hue.
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Macroscopic / gross hematuria was graded according to Common Toxicity Criteria Adverse Event (CTCAE) version 4.08 (Hematuria) at baseline before radiotherapy and at day 15 after radiotherapy.
However, the gross hematuria persisted for a week, and laboratory test results revealed exacerbation of the anemia (Hgb 5.8 g/dL).
A 54-year-old woman with an 80-pack-year history of smoking presented with gross hematuria. Cystoscopic examination revealed a tumor on the right bladder wall that was removed via transurethral excision.
(25) Notably, the presentation of hemorrhagic cystitis may vary from mild, self-limited gross hematuria to refractory, life-threatening hemorrhage with clot retention requiring blood transfusion and emergent surgical or radiological intervention.
Bedke, "A rare case of synchronous renal cell carcinoma of the bladder presenting with gross hematuria," Rare Tumors, vol.
In symptomatic patients, the classic presentation includes flank or abdominal pain, a palpable tender mass and gross hematuria (Lenk's triad) (2).
He had an isolated episode of painless, gross hematuria in July 2015, after which he presented to his primary care physician and renal and bladder ultrasound was ordered.
(2) A 56-year-old male, with a 50-pack year history of smoking, was admitted from the urgency department for painless gross hematuria with clots.
In October 2014, a 30-year-old female presented with polyuria and gross hematuria. She was subsequently referred to our urology clinic in November 2014, following development of anuria and identification of a 6.4 x 9.4 x 7.7 cm bladder mass on ultrasound and transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT).
Here, we present the case of a woman who initially presented with gross hematuria and was later determined to have IMT of the bladder.
A 44-year-old man without systemic underlying disease suffered from painless gross hematuria combined with urine retention for days.
A 72-year-old man with no comorbidity presented with history of intermittent, painless, gross hematuria with clots.