gross hematuria

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gross he·ma·tu·ri·a

the presence of blood in the urine in sufficient quantity to be visible to the naked eye as a distortion in the normal yellow hue.
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The criteria for study has been well established using the criteria of scanning all trauma patients with gross hematuria, microhematuria plus shock, rapidly dropping hematocrits or peritoneal signs the present study shows that no urologic or intra-abdominal injuries were missed.
All patients in our study were elderly males and presented with gross hematuria as the chief clinical symptom.
The parents of the index case-patient also reported that an 8-year-old boy in a friend's family (family B), who shared summer vacations with them had exhibited gross hematuria since February 2013.
Even though most cases of TCC of the bladder in childhood present with gross hematuria or urinary tract infection, our experience with the above case suggests that the investigation of secondary enuresis symptoms should be thorough and include a cystoscopic examination.
On admission to the intensive care unit, he had gross hematuria, hemoptysis, and stool positive for occult blood.
At the time of initial evaluation, 16 patients (13%) had irritative symptoms of the lower urinary tract and 8 (6%) complained of gross hematuria.
One patient in the PPS group experienced gross hematuria.
The only patients with orthostatic proteinuria who need referral to a nephrologist are those who also have microscopic hematuria, hypertension, gross hematuria, or azotemia, which are signs of significant renal disease, Dr.
A 52-year-old male chemical worker was admitted to the hospital with a history of paroxysmal microscopic hematuria for about 2 years and nocturia with gross hematuria about five times per night for 2 months.