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There is also experimental evidence that horses after laryngoplasty may not have gross evidence of aspiration but can have microscopic contamination of their lower airway.
(1) However, about a quarter of patients with gross evidence of extraovarian disease have implants within lymph nodes.
There was no gross evidence of inflammation or adhesions to adjacent nonbony tissues.
(3) As renal stones are the only gross evidence of these disorders, their composition can be used for proposing the pathogenesis leading to stone formation and can provide crucial information for the management of the patients.
The diagnosis of malignancy is based not on histopathology but by the presence of metastases to the liver or regional lymph nodes or gross evidence of local invasion.
A post-operative MRI with contrast enhancement revealed extensive sinonasal resection with no gross evidence of residual tumor (figure 3).
Marine scientist Dr Brownlow said: "Meningitis would definitely explain their stranding but there is no gross evidence at this stage of disease - that's why we're conducting the bacteriological tests.
All muscles were found to be healthy and viable, with no gross evidence of infection.
The postmortem gross evidence of necrotic areas in the lung and spleen and hemorrhages in the kidneys is clearly consistent with sickled erythrocytes causing vascular congestion and infarction, thus contributing to the patient's death.
Orthopedic: No gross evidence of fractures; c-spine was cleared by x-ray.
In particular, the latter and their major branches were cross-sectioned at 3-mm intervals, with no gross evidence of lesion or lumen reduction.
Not only did all the wound sites heal without gross evidence of rejection, but "remarkably, each of the sites of dermal sheath implantation produced new follicles and fibers 3 to 5 weeks after the graft," wrote lead author Colin Jahoda, PhD and colleagues.