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a paraphilia in which there are repetitive sexual urges to gain gratification by rubbing against another person, often acted out in a public place. Called also frottage.
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A paraphilia consisting of recurrent, intense sexual urges involving surreptitiously rubbing one’s genitals against a nonconsenting person. Frotteurism is particularly common in Japan, where it is known as chikan, and is regarded as a public safety problem, as it occurs on crowded trains, buses, elevators and at bike stands. Fondling the victim may be part of the condition and is called toucherism
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Sexual gratification derived from rubbing a bodily area against another person, often a stranger, in an inappropriate way.
Synonym(s): frottage (2) .
[Fr. frotteur, one who rubs, fr. frotter, to rub, + -ism]
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Obtaining sexual arousal and gratification by rubbing one's genitals against others in public places.
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As she stood in front of her co-workers, the 40-year-old masseuse felt someone suddenly groping her from behind.
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The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 26-year-old defendant of groping the woman.
"You were fooling about, groping them, touching their bottoms and touching their breasts," he said.
The accused, an air conditioning technician, is accused of groping the student, 21, in the Moroccan cluster in the International City, where both reside.
He added: "I'm not saying the girl wasn't groped, but I am saying she definitely wasn't groped by me." The Brit said he agreed to waive the assault charge and the woman said she would also withdraw the groping complaint against him.
But Judge David Turner QC said it was "extraordinary" sarwar, of Holloway, North london, had not been sacked for the "disgraceful, sordid groping" at the Birchanger Green services on the M11 in stansted, essex.
David Simpson, R-Longview, delivers his "personal privilege" speech after the Texas House of Representatives fails to pass his anti-TSA groping bill.
Motin Rahman, 36, who at the time owned the Schooner Hotel in Alnmouth, Northumberland, admitted groping the 15-year-old before offering her money to get in the back seat of his car.
A BIRMINGHAM GP accused of groping three patients has been found not guilty of serious professional misconduct.
Nine railways in the Tokyo metropolitan area and a subway operated by the Tokyo metropolitan government partially introduced women-only cars during the morning rush-hour period to prevent groping.