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In addition to being cost-efficient, mini grids have many other benefits.
After an initial operational period and following performance and economic reviews of the cable system, LIPA plans to retain the new superconductor cable as a permanent part of its grid.
Going by many titles--on-demand computing, utility computing, grid computing--they all point to the same vision: a virtual pool of data center resources dynamically responsive to user demands.
Theorem 1 There exists a Hamiltonian path for any conforming triangular grid that contains no local cut vertices.
"Businesses are adopting Grid computing at a quickening pace, and we believe the Globus Toolkit helps accelerate that adoption," said Ken King, vice president, Grid computing, IBM.
And grid is often used in discussions about next-generation data centre ideas like utility computing and organic IT.
A bioinformatics project will be among the first projects to run on the Grid The Bioinformatics Grid system, a cooperative project owned by Key laboratory of Bioinformatics, China Ministry of Education and Tsinghua University, was used to help identify the SARS gene and analyze similarities between different strains of the SARS virus.
-- Upload input files to the Grid Engine Portal with a single click
The first item needed is a 400-mesh electron microscope grid coated with either a single plastic layer or a plastic film reinforced with carbon (32,35,36).
Thom Dunning, director of North Carolina Bioinformatics Grid project.