Gray Area

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Medspeak A generic term for any area of patient care—e.g., diagnostics, ethics, management of terminally ill—in which the parameters of good practise are not clearly defined—i.e., are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’
Vox populi Gray zone/area is commonly used in the lay parlance for anything that is not readily apparent or incontrovertible, i.e., not ‘black’ or ‘white’
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What do you notice for the sum of grey areas and the sum of white areas?
And in that grey area the assumption is that the dismissal was wrongful and unjust, and that the employee is entitled to compensation.
It is not a fiddle in some legal grey area and we all pay for it in the end.
"To me there is still too much of a grey area. It can go in your favour or against you depending on the umpire," said McGrath.
"Despite there being studies saying the risks are double, there are also studies that do not implicate them, and while many years' of studying the mater have passed, it continues to be a grey area," said Adamou.
The reason why it's such a grey area is because it's extremely difficult to measure the health benefit in any food."
The closer a child was to the age of 16 - the age of consent - the more of a 'grey area' it became, he said.
Kayani admitted that the military only sees white and black, and there are no grey areas for it, whereas in politics it is the grey area that really matters and gives politicians a lot of room to effectively deal with issues, the paper said, attributing to a source who attended the APC.
It seems as if there is no grey area any more over challenges inside the box now - penalties are either given or players are booked for diving, yet there are still tussles that could be settled by awarding a free-kick.
The Transport Minister has outlined a series of changes to the laws including tackling "the grey area" of texting while driving.
A spokeswoman for the Commission for Racial Equality said it was a "grey area".
"There is a grey area in the law which makes it confusing for parents.