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greta (grāˑ·tä)),

n a traditional pre-paration originating from Mexico used to relieve empacho, an infection thought to be related to the obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. There have been reports of lead poisoning from greta. See Azarcón.
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Greta and George knew nothing about the picture for decades.
Greta herself, who was raised in Cowbridge, took a keen interest in music from a very early age and often performed with family members, including her two older sisters, Elan, 28, and 26-year-old Miriam who is also now a professional singer.
Originally from Hungary and now living in Skelton, Greta admits to being a little reluctant about studying at MC6 - Middlesbrough College's purpose-built sixth form centre - but now she's glad she did.
The results however, are far more shocking than he or she could ever have imagined, causing Greta to travel to three different eras - 1918, 1941 and 1985.
While talking about the musical world, Greta also revealed that audiences are still a little fixated on her name.
So Jan is plunged into the colourful and dramatic world of Prague literally plunged as on their first evening Greta disappears and Jan is abandoned.
But members of the Royal Burgh of Whithorn and District Community Council were shocked when Greta sent them a pounds 50 demand - for the gas she used and for the vegetables she put in the soup.
Greta, a pupil at the independent Shrewsbury High School for Girls, was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Everybody was singing hymns and Greta recited poems in Welsh.
GREAT GARBO: Turner Classic Movies programs six Greta Garbo classics today and five more June 26, wrapping up the cable network's monthlong spotlight on the enigmatic Swedish beauty.