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A member of the subclass Gregarinia.
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Seasonality, prevalence and pathogenicity of the gregarine Ascogregarina taiwanensis (Apicomplexa: Lecudinidae) in mosquitoes from Florida.
The white masses investigated in the present study do not display any of the gregarine structures (i.e., septum, mucron, subpellicular membranes).
The multicellular eukaryotes and the gregarines often showed significant year-to-year changes without trend.
The oocysts of this gregarine protozoan were pyriform in shape and measured 20 [micro]m (range, 18-22 [micro]m) in length and 15[micro]m (range, 11-16 [micro]m) m in width (n = 30).
Three new species of gregarines (Apicomplexa: Sporozoea: Porosporidae) in the estuarine crab from Kerala, India.
A gregarine (Protozoa Sporozoa) parasite of black-lipped pearl oysters Pinctada margaritifera (L., 1758) (Mollusca Bivalvia) from French Polynesia.
In Japan, infestation by gregarines has been observed to vary between seasons for Leiobunum manubriatum and between populations for L.
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Parasitism of damselflies Enallagma boreale by gregarines: sex biases and relations to adult survivorship.
Chlamydia, etc.), ciliates, gregarines, nematodes, cestodes, and metacercariae of trematodes: each of these could be tallied individually following procedures described by Ellis et al.