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An amphetamine pill that is green in color.
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Caption: Top to bottom: Threadfin herring (greenie), scaled sardine (whitebait) and Spanish sardine.
In Australian colloquial use, 'being green' and being 'a greenie' are applied to people interested in environmental causes, who, as 'conservationists' are thematically defined by the Macquarie Dictionary (1985, p.
Lembeck, along with two fellow Greenie recipients and Green Policy Task Force member Laura Farhentold-Pittman, also took part in a Green Sustainability Officer Certification course offered through the Business Council of Westchester.
Its time to stop being afraid of the labels; fear not the brand of "granola-cruncher," "environut," or "greenie," and announce to all the world that you embrace the label that many used to disparage.
Green trumps everything when you're a greenie - not that there's anything wrong with that.
Birmingham writer Katy Coxall first unveiled her neighbour-from-hell Rob Greenie in a sketch staged at the Old Joint Stock several years ago, before its conversion into a regular theatre venue.
Then after a dramatic pause, when someone no doubt warned him he would have caused great offence to Walton's wife with his comment, Greenie piped up with a semi-apologetic: "Oh, we do have a lot of fun here!"
The breech has a tiny touch-hole where a Greenie Stick-em" cap is placed.
solar panels and wind turbines could sprout up on the estate if greenie Prince Charles has his way.
Greenie Duquette, who owns a small bakery, delivers pastries to her gay friend Walter's restaurant.
GREENIE DUQUETTE is a New York mother, wife and cake-maker who turns her family's world upside down by taking a job cooking for the Governor of New Mexico.
Government surveys show American farmers, bending to a greenie fear campaign, intend to plant 24 percent less genetically modified seed this year.