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An amphetamine pill that is green in color.
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And they're pretty accepting as soon as I say I don't want to be a greenie.
While Greenie and her four-year-old son George move west, her psychotherapist husband Alan remains in New York wondering if his marriage is over.
Meanwhile, councillors in Penydarren ward want pounds 6,000 of its Biffa allocation to go towards the cost of moving changing rooms on Prince Charles Hospital fields to the Greenie playing fields and providing fencing.
To be on the safe side, give your dog a Greenie when you're able to supervise his enjoyment.
Only Greenie (keeper Rob Green) came out of it with real credit.
Joe Harvey once said: "See Greenie on the track and you would think he was about to die.
solar panels and wind turbines could sprout up on the estate if greenie Prince Charles has his way.
It turned out that Jan and Alec knew she was a user, but not the extent, and greenie little me had known nothing at all.
Serendipitously, Whitehouse and Evans (this issue) follow a somewhat similar line of thought focussing on the cultural discourse of greenie and its hindrance to the implementation of sustainability in northern regional Queensland primary schools.
While this may silence AI Gore and his bellicose Greenie followers--at least temporarily, we hope--that fact does not help us get through those bonechilling nights when the whole house is rattling from those winds whistling off the icy Atlantic.
A petition launched by Caroline Jones, 39, of Goetre Lane, Gurnos, whose two sons use the nearby Greenie, at Galon Uchaf, already has 700 names.
Send at least one big greenie (thread herring) or blue runner deep with a breakaway sinker or downrigger.