Greenhouse Gas

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Any gas linked to increasing atmospheric temperature
Major greenhouse gases Water vapour, CO2, CH4, NO2, O3, CFCs, SO4, and others
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THE UK IS SEEING A MASSIVE FALL IN ITS GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS HE UK's greenhouse gas emissions are at their lowest level since modern records began.
Greenhouse gas emissions and energy use associated with production of individual self-selected US diets.
The results showed the recycling of paper, metals and plastic bottles offer the most greenhouse gas benefits per dollar spent.
"Every year we report a new record in greenhouse gas concentrations," Jarraud said.
* Petroleum and natural gas systems were the second largest stationary source, reporting 224,000,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, a decrease of one percent from the previous year.
If those limits were applied to greenhouse gas emissions, everything from a gas station to a school building might suddenly need federal permits.
Though the Supreme Court may find that greenhouse gas emissions by themselves do not trigger requirements to obtain Clean Air Act permits, many of the same industrial sources could be required to obtain the permits for their greenhouse gases once they exceed the thresholds for other pollutants.
Japan is expected to clear the target, as the country's greenhouse gas emissions decreased 9.2 percent by fiscal 2011 once forests' absorption of those gases and purchases of emission rights were taken into account.
Power plants produced roughly two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources, the EPA said, with petroleum and natural gas systems a distant second and refineries the third-largest carbon pollution source.
NOAA scientists created the AGGI recognizing that carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas affecting the balance of heat in the atmosphere.
This EAD-led initiative, known as the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, will be used to help Abu Dhabi government develop strategies and policies to assess and monitor the levels of emissions as well as the 'sinks' that absorb greenhouse gases such as wetlands and mangroves.
The tentative greenhouse gas reduction target by sector is as follows: 18.2 percent for industries, 26.7 percent for greenhouse gas conversion, 34.3 percent for transportation, 26.9 percent for buildings, 5.2 percent for agriculture and fishery, 12.3 percent for waste management, and 25 percent for miscellaneous public sectors.

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