green soap

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any compound of one or more fatty acids, or their equivalents, with an alkali. Soap is detergent and used as a cleanser.
green soap (medicinal soap) (soft soap) a soap made from vegetable oils other than coconut oil or palm kernel oil, potassium hydroxide as an alkali, and glycerin.

me·dic·i·nal soft soap

a soap made with vegetable oils, potassium hydroxide, oleic acid, glycerin, and purified water; used as a cleansing agent and stimulant in chronic skin diseases.
Synonym(s): green soap, soft soap

green soap

A translucent, yellowish-green soft or liquid soap made chiefly from vegetable oils and used in the treatment of skin disorders.
A soap from certain saponified vegetables—excluding coconut and palm kernel oils—mixed with H2O2 and glycerin
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Verdict: This olive green soap is beautiful to use and, rather than drying your skin out, it leaves it feeling soft and moisturised.
Green soap dish, pounds 6.25 from Zeigeist (tel: 0171 622 5000)
We make a length of about two feet and then once everyone makes green soap, I tell them that they have nature's very own "Irish soap-on-a-rope." The rope is the soap, and one strand lasts about a weekend when you're in the wilds.