greater horn of hyoid bone

great·er horn of hyoid bone

the larger and more lateral of the two processes on either side of the hyoid bone.
Synonym(s): cornu majus ossis hyoidei [TA]
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(2006) performed a study on 36 cadavers, and found that the CCA bifurcated at the level of the body of the hyoid bone in 15 (88.9%), at the superior border of thyroid cartilage in 11 (42.3%), and at the tip of the greater horn of hyoid bone in 8 (15%) cadavers.
The technique described by us primarily involves identification of arterial pulsations and following their relationship to the nerve inferior to the greater horn of hyoid bone. Though we were able to identify the neurovascular structures in our case using the technique described, we agree that there may be initial difficulty in following pulsations of the vessels by the novice.

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