greater alar cartilage

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major alar cartilage of nose

paired cartilages that support the nasal tip, columella, and nostril rims, each consisting of a medial crus within the columella; a middle crus, which extends from the columella's lobular junction (that is, medial genu) to the lateral edge of the tip lobule (that is, lateral genu); and a lateral crus that extends toward the pyriform aperture. The axis of the lateral crus normally extends along the line that runs toward the lateral orbital canthus.
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great·er a·lar car·ti·lage

(grā'tĕr ā'lăr kahr'ti-lăj)
One of a pair of cartilages that form the tip of the nose. It consists of a medial crus that extends into the nasal septum with its fellow of the opposite side, and a lateral crus that forms the anterior part of the wing of the nose.
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