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Alternative oncology
A drought-adapted evergreen, the major component of which is nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA), which may be used to treat GI tumours, leukaemia and brain gliomas.

Herbal medicine
Chaparral was once used by Native American herbalists as an antiarthritic and antitussive (effects that have not been confirmed by modern herbalists), for diarrhoea and other GI complaints, and topically for wounds.
Chaparral causes cramping, nausea and vomiting.
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Most of the increase in cover was attributable to rabbitbrush, which was abundant (as was greasewood) and responded strongly (unlike greasewood; Table 1).
When I read Michael Bloom's (2005) article "The Origins of Healing: An Evolutionary Perspective of the Healing Process," I immediately thought of my experience in Lower Greasewood more than 30 years ago and how I first began to learn about the nature of healing from my Navajo patients.
She explained, "This greasewood pasture is where I take my sheep every morning, but now look at what you have done!
However, 35% of these sites had a shrub (sage, greasewood, four-wing saltbush) vertical-cover component, and one (4.3%) was on an island in Chaco Wash.
We classified the landscape into seven habitat types: shrub-steppe, grassland, stable dune, chenopod, greasewood, pickleweed and urban.
The White River Hub pipeline would extend about seven miles from Questar Pipeline's Greasewood, CO facilities to the nearby Enterprise Meeker natural gas processing complex.
Then two more bucks lifted their heads up out of the collage of tall, gray sage, bitterbrush, and greasewood.
Mulies are normally found at lower elevations than Coues whitetail, often well out into mesquite and greasewood flats, though New Mexico offers plenty of mountain habitat too.
A tiny fire of dead greasewood branches warms my hands and perfumes the air with pungent woodsmoke.
Michael said, "I guess it could be another field, but this field feels right." We walked up and down, running our eyes over each contour of the ground, each nub of desert grass and greasewood bush.
And as the immigrants tramp through the greasewood and whitethorn and recut ancient trails once used by the troops of Pancho Villa, as they come, wave after wave, over the lands, roads and ranches of the locals, residents have begun to organize and--to use a phrase closely linked to local lore (Tombstone is only forty-five minutes north of here)--are taking the law into their own hands.