grayscale display

gray·scale dis·play

(grāskāl dis-plā)
A high-resolution view screen used in radiology, mammography, and medical imaging.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Despite the relatively small sample size, our preliminary results demonstrate that the traditional color-coded DTI display (CCOM) seems preferred over the grayscale display (GSFA), and that the nontraditional [V.sub.max] maps (VM and VMS) seem preferred over the traditional color-coded display (CCOM).
The data output is bi-directional RS232 serial port, with a Windows-based PC software, and 1/8 inch VGA grayscale display (240x160px), viewable area 2.4x1.8in (62x45.7mm).
Additional capability is provided for customers requiring multi-bit grayscale display by PWM of the DLP[R] micromirror array.
Compact roll-out 5" grayscale display uses E Ink film over active-matrix backplane in 4.5x2.25x0.83" housing weighing a quarter pound, with 256 MB storage.
The grayscale display can be set with backlighting on (default) or off, and you can control brightness and contrast easily.
The two companies are working to develop high-contrast, 10-bit grayscale display systems for use in mammography and other medical applications.
Although largely unsung because of its modest grayscale display, the GPSmap 196 has impressive capability at what's now at the low end of the mid-price spectrum.
(Beaverton, OR) featured the Dome EX series of grayscale display solutions at RSNA 2006.
Each handheld device has built-in 802.11 wireless capability, 16MB of RAM, a rechargeable battery, a built-in speaker and stereo audio jack for headphones, a thumb keyboard, and a 320 x 240 grayscale display. Price: $3,500 for a 24-unit classroom set.
The QTERM-G55 has a 320X240 pixel, color LCD display measuring 96 mm (3.8") diagonal (optional grayscale display available), and it is viewable in most lighting conditions.
All of the entry-tier handsets on the LG 2004 road map feature color screens, and all future LG handsets will feature color, not grayscale display, no matter what the tier.