Gray Area

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Medspeak A generic term for any area of patient care—e.g., diagnostics, ethics, management of terminally ill—in which the parameters of good practise are not clearly defined—i.e., are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’
Vox populi Gray zone/area is commonly used in the lay parlance for anything that is not readily apparent or incontrovertible, i.e., not ‘black’ or ‘white’
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Thus, even if a binary schema is preferred (benign-malignant) and consequently the existence of biologically borderline lesions denied, this does not preclude the existence of a morphologically gray area containing morphologically intermediate forms.
This might be posited as one of those gray areas because individuals can identify costs and benefits regardless of what the auditor does.
Permanent alimony may be denied at both ends of the gray area. In Layeni v.
Conceding that the case was one of those "gray area" situations with no clear answers, the California Court of Appeal, First District, has held that a trial court exercised its discretion correctly in disqualifying a law firm from representation on the ground of conflicts of interest.
But in all of these cases, somewhat was the key word -- leaving communicators in an ethical gray area where their golden stars and scarlet letters tend to cancel each other.
For the first time, members of the Retired Reserve who are not yet age 60, the so-called "gray area" retirees, can purchase Tricare health coverage for themselves and their eligible family members with the Sept.
The threat of litigation in this expanding legal gray area has compelled lenders to protect their mortgage portfolios by working with insurers and environmental consultants on new risk mitigation programs.
It's OK to be unsure, it's OK not to belong, and it's OK to be in that gray area. Most of us are." With so many mind-bending ways to label oneself, the members of Generation Y who spoke to The Advocate say they feel confused, overwhelmed, and trapped if they settle on one term.
In 1995 a militant gay rights campaigner tried to "out" Hope as gay, but the bishop called an early-morning news conference at which he said that his sexuality was "a gray area" without divulging any more details other than that he led a celibate life.
A gray area frequently occurs with respect to moral questions for which clarity is not immediately obtained as, for example, in current discussions about certain reproductive technologies.
The First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech." The judiciary, however, has fashioned a gray area for "commercial speech." Corporate expression is an oft-neglected stepchild compared with its beloved siblings: political and artistic speech.