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An instrument for determining the specific gravity or density of a liquid.
Synonym(s): areometer, gravimeter
[hydro- + G. mēron, measure]
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(gră-vĭm′ĭ-tər, grā′və-mē′-)
1. See hydrometer.
2. An instrument used to measure variations in a gravitational field.

gra·vim′e·try (gră-vĭm′ĭ-trē, grə-) n.
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4 had the best results, underestimating by approximately 14 and 17% the volumetric moisture contents ([cm.sup.3] [cm.sup.-3]) obtained by gravimetry ([[theta].sub.G]) for disturbed and undisturbed soil samples, respectively, with RMSE values of 0.050 [cm.sup.3] [cm.sup.-3] (disturbed samples) and 0.039 [cm.sup.3] [cm.sup.-3] (undisturbed samples), but with less satisfactory results for [R.sup.2], 0.6795 and 0.8222, for disturbed and undisturbed soil samples, respectively.
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In this article we use dynamic light scattering to study the influence of coalescing aid on the latexes property such as particle size and zeta potential; gravimetry to get the latexes water evaporation rate for latexes film formation stage I and we use the Routh-Russel deformation mechanism model to study the coalescing aid PPh influence on the latex deformation mechanism; scanning electron microscope to investigate the microstructure of latexes films diffusion stage; differential scanning calorimetry to consider the glass temperature of the latex polymer and latex films and particle enthalpy of coalescence; and thermal gravimetric analysis to research the presence of coalescing aid PPh on the latexes films.
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Key words: balance; calibrant; calibration; gravimetry; weighing liquids; weighing solids.
Volatile compound content was quantified by gravimetry on analytical balance and expressed in mg per 100g LDW, and mg per plant (leaves).
* Combined models: The combined GGMs are produced by combining gravity data derived from satellite data, terrestrial gravity observations, airborne gravimetry and satellite altimeter data in marine areas.
Thermal gravimetry test was used to study the effect of thermal resistance.
The concentration of total suspended solids (TSS) was evaluated following the method of volatilization gravimetry adapted from Strickland and Parsons (1972).