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Denoting symptoms of a serious or dangerous character.
[L. gravis, heavy, grave]
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Denoting symptoms of a serious or dangerous character.
[L. gravis, heavy, grave]
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[L. gravis, heavy]
Serious; dangerous; severe.
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Denoting symptoms of a serious or dangerous character.
[L. gravis, heavy, grave]
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Patient discussion about grave

Q. Is there a recommended natural cure for graves disease? I've been suffering from graves for a year now and really feel tired of it. I'm thinking of trying some natural medications cause the regular ones are dissapointing so far. Any experience with that??

A. I am not familiar with any natural supplements you can take for graves disease, furthermore, it is an illness where you should be on close monitoring of an endocrinologist, and have them tell you which medications you are allowed to take and what could make the situation worse. If regular treatment doesn't seem to help you much you should go for another check up to see how your thyroid is doing.

Q. Is there a relation between certain types of allergies and graves? I suffer from graves and have been suffering from allergies since I was real young. Are these two related somehow?? anyone else suffers from both?

A. Not that I know about. However, allergy is quite common, and Graves' disease is also not a rare disease, so it's not impossible for the two to appear in the same person.

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(17.) Denver consumes the literal ancestral corpse, and the men intake the ancestral body indirectly through the symbolic substitution of the graveyard pecans.
As the development work in the phase-III of the graveyard has been completed, it will be soon placed at the disposal of MCI.
They also complained that the garbage in the graveyard was set on fire, and it polluted the atmosphere of their area.
Village residents said that there was no grave digger in the graveyard and villagers do it on self help basis.
The district administration carried out an anti-encroachment campaign at Miani Sahib Graveyard in line with the Lahore High Court orders.
There could be a need of grand operation in Miani Sahib Graveyard. We will go in depth of the matter and action will be taken against those responsible.'
They said that former Provincial Minister Raja Basharat had allotted 75 kanal of land for the graveyard , where graves of general public along with martyrs of army and police were made there.
The graveyard moved out of family possession in 1932 and Richard was approached a few months ago by owner Deborah Ingham who was fighting a losing battle against thieves and vandals, despite her best efforts and considerable expense.
The community is facing a threat from the owner, who is allegedly attempting to illegally occupy a two-canal and eight-marla plot allotted to the Christian community as a graveyard.
A senior Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Ministry official dismissed in November claims that a new apartment building would replace the graveyard, saying that the project only entailed apartments for graveyard workers and storage rooms for their equipment next to the mosque.
Me and my friends were walking through the graveyard at night and heard a strange noise.
On just one phone call, the graveyard management provides for not only a suitable spot for a grave but also an ambulance, bathing and post-burial services.