glottal fry

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glot·tal fry

(glot'ăl frī)
Vocal fold vibration in the lowest part of the pitch range, characterized by a creaky, pulsed type of phonation.
Synonym(s): gravel voice.
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Dave's gravel voice smacks of iron will while Jamie Wilson's fiddle reminds us of our past and adds a mourning song above the plucky devil-may-care of the vocals and the lyrics: "Sae rantonly, sae wantonly, Sae dauntingly played he.
LAUNCHING straight into the Ghost of Tom Joad, the unmistakable deep gravel voice of the Boss Bruce Springsteen brought the 38,000 adoring fans into a delirious crescendo of the now familiar ring, 'Bruce, Bruce, Bruce' that continued non-stop for four hours, which included such great hits as Born in the USA, Thunder Road and The River.
SOMEWHERE Tom Waits Ol' Gravel Voice has never sounded better than on this epic cover of the West Side Story song.
He filled Birmingham Town Hall with his trembling guitars and a crooning gravel voice.
Old gravel voice only went and told the world his daughter Kimberly had liver damage from drinking too much.
The gig showcased criticallyacclaimed new album No Better Than This.Its folksy-bluesy feel fitted his gravel voice to perfection on tracks like The West End and Longest Days.
And he delighted the crowd by covering classic songs such as The Rolling Stones' Angie and Rod Stewart's Handbags And Gladrags, his strong gravel voice helping his interpretations to rival the originals.
The craggy-faced Edinburgh actor with the gravel voice was hailed by fans yesterday as a perfect Rebus.
Thankfully, she hasn't got her dad's gravel voice. She sings like an angel.
Diamond's gravel voice has made him one of the world's wealthiest entertainers.