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Having a surface covered with granules.
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The cells of these emergences or hypertrophied trichomes usually have scanty protoplasm (Mani, 1964), and no other cytological features of typical nutritive cells, such as granulose cytoplasm and hypertrophied nucleus, occur.
Bee visitors of Quaresmeira flowers (Tibouchina granulose Cogn.) in the region of Dourados (MS-Brasil).
The average HE4 value was 36[+ or -]14.14 pM in granulose cell tumours, while HE4 value was 56 pM for carcinosarcoma and 86 pM for leiomyosarcoma.
The placebo capsules were composed of a mixture of lactose and granulose. The randomization protocol was completed solely by the research pharmacist, who was not involved in the care of the patients.
Jing, Effect of sodium ferulate on the apoptosis of ovarian granulose cell on the rats with polycystic ovarian [M.S.
The cystic atresia is characterized by a disorganization of granulosa and theca cells (some granulose cells invade the antrum).
Thus, the major effect of exposure of granulose cells to N[H.sub.4]Cl was a reduction in growth rate probably because of increasing demands for ATP for maintenance of cell pH with associated increases in mitochondrial dehydrogenase activity (MTT) [1] and steroid biosynthesis which also suggests increased activity of microsomal enzymes such as cytochrome P450 aromatase (22).
Cystic follicles, fluid filled, having a thickened theca cell layer and a thin granulose layer, were identified and their number was counted8.
Histologically, cysts are filled with clear to blood-tinged fluid or clotted blood with a smooth lining composed of an inner layer of granulose cells and an outer layer of markedly luteinized and hypertrophic theca interna cells.