granulomatous uveitis

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granulomatous uveitis

Posterior uveitis Ophthalmology Ocular inflammation characterized by impaired vision, watering of the eyes, and photophobia. Cf Anterior uveitis.


inflammation of the uvea.

anterior uveitis
inflammation of the anterior uveal tract, i.e. iridocyclitis. Signs include pain, blepharospasm, tearing, conjunctivitis, constricted pupil, reduced intraocular pressure, aqueous flare, and sometimes keratic precipitates and hypopyon.
endogenous uveitis
arising from causes within the body.
equine recurrent uveitis
see periodic ophthalmia.
exogenous uveitis
arising from causes external to the body.
granulomatous uveitis
associated with toxoplasmosis and systemic mycotic infections such as cryptococcosis, blastomycosis, coccidioidomycosis and candidiasis.
heterochromic uveitis
see heterochromic iridocyclitis.
lens-induced uveitis
caused by escape of lens protein into the aqueous, initiating an immune response.
phacolytic uveitis
associated with resorption of hypermature cataracts in which there is rupture of the lens capsule and release of lens proteins.
phacoclastic uveitis
caused by disruption of the anterior lens capsule and leakage of lens proteins.
posterior uveitis
inflammation of the ciliary body and choroid.
recurrent equine uveitis
see periodic ophthalmia.
sympathetic uveitis
see sympathetic ophthalmia.