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A study revealed that granuloma annulare might be caused by a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction.
Se analizaron seis biopsias de lesiones periapicales obtenidas a partir de dientes con indicacion de exodoncia y que en la radiografia preoperatoria presentaban lesiones compatibles con quistes y granulomas. La indicacion de exodoncia, formaba parte del tratamiento protesico rehabilitador programado en la consulta privada para cada paciente.
Vocal process granulomas: A systematic review of treatment.
These lesions eventually lead to the formation of granulomas (Flat and Moses, 1975) which are inflammatory nodular formations, mainly comprised by macrophages or histiocytes of dense or loose connective tissue.
(1,2) Granuloma gravidarum, commonly known as "pyogenic granuloma," is one of the most common oral soft tissue enlargements.
A rare cause of haematochezia: pyogenic granuloma in colon.
Gauthier-Hazan, "Foreign body granulomas after all injectable dermal fillers: part 2.
However the youngest reported case of isolated solitary orbital eosinophilic granuloma was a 16month-old male patient from Iowa [9].
Caption: Figure 1: Intraoperative findings of disseminated pelvic tuberculosis: on diagnostic laparoscopy, diffuse disease presumed to represent advanced-stage ovarian cancer which included an obliterated posterior cul-de-sac (*), numerous granulomas (arrows), and distorted pelvic viscera where only uterine body was identified (arrow head.).
The infectious causes are Mycobacterium tuberculosis causing tuberculous granulomas both caseating and non caseating, Mycobacterium leprae causing non caseating lepromatous granulomas both tuberculoid and lepromatous as well as borderline type, Treponema Pallidum causing Gumma in syphilis a microscopic to grossly visible granulomatous lesion composed of sheets of histiocytes, plasma cell and vasculitis.
We have shown that the 92% peri-apical granulomas and 8% radicular cysts diagnosed clinically and radiologically, turn out to be 77% peri-apical granulomas, 22% radicular cysts and 1% apical scar after histological examination.