granular vaginitis

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granular vaginitis

Vaginitis with cellular infiltration and enlargement of papillae.
See also: vaginitis


made up of or marked by the presence of granules or grains.

granular casts
homogeneous urinary casts with a granular structure; composed of fractions of serum proteins.
granular cell myoblastoma
rare tumor at the base of the tongue of the dog.
granular cell tumor
a benign, circumscribed, tumor-like lesion of soft tissue, particularly of the lung of the horse, tongue of dogs, skin and muscle, composed of large cells with prominent granular cytoplasm; considered by some to arise from myoblasts (myoblastoma) and by others from neurogenic elements (granular cell schwannoma).
granular layer
see stratum granulosum.
granular reticulum
rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum.
granular vaginitis
spherical, 1 mm diameter nodules on the vulvar mucosa of the cow and the penile skin of the bull. Appears to be a nonspecific hyperplasia of lymphoid tissue, but linked anecdotally with Mycoplasma spp. Called also granular vulvovaginitis.
granular venereal disease
see granular vaginitis (above).
granular vulvitis
part of a venereal disease caused by Ureaplasma diversum in cattle; other signs include embryonic death, abortion, dead or weak calves.
granular vulvovaginitis
see granular vaginitis (above).


1. inflammation of the vagina; colpitis.
2. inflammation of a sheath.

adhesive vaginitis
that in which ulceration and exfoliation of the mucosa result in adhesions of the membranes.
contagious vaginitis
see infectious pustular vulvovaginitis, epivag.
granular vaginitis
see granular vaginitis.
pustular vaginitis
see infectious pustular vulvovaginitis.