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Parakeratotic nuclei within the horny layer of the epidermis, found in keratosis follicularis.


Flecks of hardened material such as bacteria or fungi spores.
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grainlike masses of inspissated necrotic material and debris found in swamp cancer lesions. See also swamp cancer, brewer's grains, distiller's grains.

Patient discussion about grains

Q. What and how much intake should I have 1. Vegetables, 2. Fruits and whole grain… I am 21 years old and would like to know that in order to get the required fiber per day what and how much intake should I have 1. Vegetables, 2. Fruits and whole grain…

A. actually men under 50 should have 38 grams a day of fiber. here is a nice article about fiber consuming and a list of foods that contain fiber and the amount of it:

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Nabisco Premium Saltines with Multi Grain, which have no more than grams of whole grains in a five-Saltine serving.
Insects such as the lesser grain borer, the red flour beetle, and the rusty grain beetle not only devour vast amounts of stored grain, but add insult to injury by defecating on the kernels, triggering the growth of fungi and molds such as Fusarium and Aspergillus.
A sandy beach is really trillions of tiny grains of two substances: quartz, a hard mineral composed of the chemical compound silicon dioxide; and a compound called calcium carbonate that comes from seashells.
It removes the bran and most of the germ, stripping the grain of its fiber and nutrients.
In the body, carbohydrates from grains and other food are converted into glucose, a sugar that circulates in the blood until the hormone insulin directs energy-hungry cells to absorb it.
World markets for Canada's grain will have to shift if the 10 remaining terminal elevators in Thunder Bay hope to recover business lost to ports on the West Coast, industry experts say.
Six-rowed cultivars clearly produce smaller grains than do two-rowed types when grown in low-rainfall areas (Acevedo et al.
Distinguished by its fragrance and a water milling process that leaves the grains silken to the touch, jasmine rice is being grown successfully in the United States.
In addition to fiber, whole grains contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients for a healthy diet.
It used to be that whole grains were valued mostly for their fiber; now we know there's much more to celebrate.
Grain refining provides more, smaller grains during solidification.
You can't stroll down an aisle without seeing some new or refurbished food with less sugar, no trans fat, or more whole grains, fiber, omega-3 fats, antioxidants, calcium, B-vitamins, whatever.