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Parakeratotic nuclei within the horny layer of the epidermis, found in keratosis follicularis.
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Flecks of hardened material such as bacteria or fungi spores.
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Patient discussion about grains

Q. What and how much intake should I have 1. Vegetables, 2. Fruits and whole grain… I am 21 years old and would like to know that in order to get the required fiber per day what and how much intake should I have 1. Vegetables, 2. Fruits and whole grain…

A. actually men under 50 should have 38 grams a day of fiber. here is a nice article about fiber consuming and a list of foods that contain fiber and the amount of it:

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It was quite clear that no woman could live upon two or three bread-crumbs and a few grains of rice, and I determined to find out how and when she got food.
As usual, she persisted in only picking a few grains of rice, and I resolved to speak to her at once of what lay so heavily on my heart.
Their contents had all boiled away, leaving in the bottom of each kettle a few grains of fine white powder.
It has taken me nearly six years to prepare these precious grains of dust, but the little heap on that dish is worth the price of a kingdom and many a king would give all he has to possess it.
"`Give me three grains of corn, mother, Only three grains of corn,
However, he had no thoughts to spare for its beauty, and quickly buried his grain of sand in the earth.
"But we have grain belonging to my brother?" she said.
She bent in her saddle, plucked a stalk of the ripe grain, and nibbled it between her teeth.
He has not been suffi- ciently rubbed and curried, or he has not been prop- erly fed; his food was too wet or too dry; he got it too soon or too late; he was too hot or too cold; he had too much hay, and not enough of grain; or he had too much grain, and not enough of hay; instead of old Barney's attending to the horse, he had very improperly left it to his son." To all these com- plaints, no matter how unjust, the slave must an- swer never a word.
For instance, a mountain is called small, a grain large, in virtue of the fact that the latter is greater than others of its kind, the former less.
She went down into the garden and strewed with her own hands ten sacksful of millet-seed on the grass; then she said: 'Tomorrow morning before sunrise these must be picked up, and not a single grain be wanting.'
In those cynical words there was indeed a grain of truth.