graft-versus-host reaction

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graft-ver·sus-host re·ac·tion

(GVHR) (graft vĕr'sŭs hōst rē-ak'shŭn)
Clinical and histologic changes of graft-versus-host disease occurring in a specific organ.
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The study suggests the researchers turned the graft-versus-host reaction to some patients' advantage, making it a graft-versus-tumor response.
He died on July 25 after recurrence of leukemia with a graft-versus-host reaction complicated by disseminated varicella, cellulitis, ileus, and hypertension.
Graft-versus-host disease, the most severe complication from the combined regimen is "a double-edged sword since we're depending on the graft-versus-host reaction to provide the graft-versus-myeloma effect," Dr.