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"Students graduating in 2009 should therefore think ahead about their career choices and start applying for roles from July this year."
It is true that 35 percent of students graduating in 2000 from an Ohio college or university chose to make their 2001 residence in a state other than Ohio, but this figure alone does not paint an accurate picture of the local labor force and economic environment.
After graduating from North Carolina Central University School of Law only to discover that no one would hire him because he was black, Gary returned to his hometown of Stuart, Florida.
The data used in this study were drawn from the school and district records of a cohort of eighth grade students, who were scheduled to enter a large, urban high school located in a university town in the southeastern United States in August 1993 as part of the graduating class of 1997.
Data was collected over a four year period (1996-1999) from graduating seniors majoring in psychology at Ursuline College, a small liberal arts women's college in northeastern Ohio.
Before graduating from Cornell, Link was accepted into the MBA prograro at the University of Chicago and notified the school of his intention to enroll.
In Florida, where the 150-hour requirement has been in effect for almost 10 years, universities are graduating as many accounting students as the system will allow.
For more than a decade, keen competition for jobs has been a stressful fact of life for many of the Nation's graduating college seniors.
However, the authors classify students graduating from 2006 and 2007 as "pre-recession" graduates and students graduating in 2009, 2010, and 2011 as "recession"-era graduates because the unemployment situation was dire during this entire period, even though economic growth was positive.
There were about 20,000 fewer students graduating in 2007 than in 2010, HECSU said.