graduated pipette

grad·u·at·ed pi·pette

a pipette with a plain, narrow tube drawn out to a tip and graduated uniformly along its length. Calibration marks may be confined to the stem (Mohr pipette) or extend to the tip (serologic pipette).
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A) Glassware : Burette Stand (With Clamp) 2) Chainometric Balance 3) Stalagmometer (Borosil Make) 4 Viscometer (Borosil Make) 5 Specific gravity bottle (Borosil Make) 6 Volumetric Flask (100 ml) (BOROSIL) 7 Ordinary Pipette (10ml), Bulb (BOROSIL) 8 Graduated Pipette (10 ml) (BOROSIL) 9 Weight Box 10 Platinum Wire 11 Reagent Bottle (250 ml) (BOROSIL) 12 Burette, 50 ml (BOROSIL) 13 Test tube (for performing pH experiment), 5/5/8 (BOROSIL) 14 Funnel, 4 (BOROSIL) 15 Blow pipe 16 Wash bottle 17 Filtration flask with Buchner funnel along with glass suction 18 Ordinary filter paper 11 cm Glass rod 19 Dropper along with tip
Recording the exact volume of a sample delivered from a graduated pipette should be more accurate.
1 to 1 micro-l for the amount of biological material 10 100 micro-l,plastic tube of 12 ml (+/- 2ml),un-graduated glass test tubes of 12 ml (+/- 2ml),bacteriological tubes 160 ml (+/- 10ml),laboratory glass stapchina,laboratory glass graduated pipette of 10ml,laboratory glass graduated pipette of 20ml,laboratory glasses 900 to 1000ml,laboratory glass beakers 90 to 100 ml,laboratory glass beakers of 900 to 1000 ml,birken-tirkova chamber counting blood elements (depth 0,1mm, 0,0025mm, 0 04mm),test strips for cholesterol,test strips for triglycerides,truckee urine parameters with a minimum of 11
Graduated Pipette (Borosil glass), Graduated Pipette (Borosil glass) , Laboratory Dropper with tips ,Glass rod , Glass tube , Reagent bottle , Reagent bottle , Reagent bottle , Reagent bottle , Filter Paper , Mica foil , Spot test plate , Test tube Brush , Wash bottle
Providing an accurate and economical sample handling alternative to pipette tips and graduated pipettes, these disposable pipetting straws are designed specifically to transfer prepared samples from the bottom of a proprietary Stomacher bag without risk of cross-contamination.
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