gradient echo

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field echo

An MRI term for an echo produced by reversing the direction of the magnetic field gradient to cancel out the position-dependent phase shifts that have accumulated due to the gradient.
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gra·di·ent ech·o

(grā-dē'ĕnt ek'ō)
Echo produced as a result of gradient rephasing.
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The flexibility of Dixon acquisitions make this approach compatible with both T1-weighted gradient echo (GRE) based acquisitions (38) and T2-weighted FSE based acquisitions (37).
Routine examination protocol consisted of axial T2-weighted TSE (Turbo Spin Echo) with fat suppression, gradient echo mode in in-phase and in opposed phase with T1-weighting, contrast-enhanced dynamic T1-weighted imaging.
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Examples of axial slices of T1-weighted images generated from the 3D digital brain phantom utilizing various pulse sequences are shown in Figure 2 with panel (b) for spin echo (SE), (c) for gradient echo (GRE), (d) for spoiled gradient echo (SP-GRE), (e) for inversion recovery spin-echo (IR-SE), and (f) for inversion recovery gradient-echo (IR-GRE).
Significance of susceptibility vessel sign on T2*-weighted gradient echo imaging for identification of stroke subtypes.
3D interpolated T1-weighted spoiled gradient echo images have been proposed for the evaluation of the biliary tree after hepatobiliary contrast agent administration [25, 26].
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A T2* weighted multiecho gradient echo sequence was performed with the following parameters: FA = 30[degrees]; TR = 30 ms; number of TEs = 3; first TE = 3.05 ms; uniform TE spacing (ATE) = 1.0 ms; BW = [+ or -]31.2 kHz; FOV = 12.8 cm; and acquired resolution = 2x2x 2[mm.sup.3].
These demonstrate mixed diffusion characteristics with predominantly restricted diffusion and low signal on gradient echo imaging consistent with necrosis.
(8) Use of gradient echo pulse sequences allows confirmation of the presence of hemosiderin, which appears as a prominent "Blooming" of low signal intensity due to magnetic susceptibility artefact.
Patellofemoral eklemin incelemesinde rutin MR protokolu; sagital spin eko T1, sagital yag baskili fast spin eko T2/proton dansite (PD) ya da STIR (short tau inversion recovery), aksiyal yag baskili FSE proton dansite, eklem kikirdagini degerlendirmek icin 3 mm kesit kalinligi ve 0 mm kesit araligiyla alinmis yaklasik 60 adet sagital SPGR (Spoiled Gradient Echo) (spoiled GRASS (Gradient Recalled Acquisition in Steady State) ya da benzeri kikirdak degerlendirmesini saglayacak ozel sekanslari iBermelidir.
'Blooming' of areas on gradient echo was confirmed as calcification on a computed tomography (CT) scan performed after ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion (Fig.