gradient amplifier

gra·di·ent am·pli·fi·er

(grā'dē-ĕnt amp'li-fī-ĕr)
A device that supplies power to the gradient coils during magnetic resonance imaging.
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Another way to reduce the inductance seen by a driving amplifier and thus decrease the slew rate is to split the coil of a given axis into two complementary parts, each with their own gradient amplifier system.
Gradient amplifiers must also supply high current in order to provide sufficient gradient strength for modern high speed imaging applications.
As such, the gradient waveforms can be directly sent from the arbitrary waveforms generators to the gradient amplifiers. In the case of the RF amplifiers, the waveform generated by the arbitrary waveform generators are used to amplitude modulate the output of the master frequency synthesizer, either via direct mixing or a single upconversion step through an intermediate frequency, such that a high frequency pulse with a given envelope shape is sent to the RF amplifiers.
An opportunity existed to build the full gradient amplifier cabinet, so expansion of the test system had to be considered.