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In the present study, the diagnosis was incorrectly made for five cases of gliomas, where two cases of Grade III Astrocytoma were wrongly diagnosed as cerebral abscess and Metastasis respectively, one case of Grade II astrocytoma was wrongly diagnosed as acute infarct, one case of Oligoastrocytoma was wrongly diagnosed as Meningioma, one case of GBM was wrongly diagnosed as Choroid plexus carcinoma.
3 Majority of the patients included were found to have grade II astrocytoma.
We hypothesized that any peptide peaks that progressively change with increasing malignancy (control [right arrow] grade II astrocytoma [right arrow] anaplastic astrocytoma [right arrow] GBM) are potential survival biomarkers for patients with GBM.
Microscopic examination revealed a grade II astrocytoma with infiltration of the cerebral cortex (Figure, E).