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Allopeas gracile (Hutton, 1834) (Gastropoda: Subulinidae) occurs widely in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, Australia, and Polynesia, as well as Central and South America.
dojambir but somewhat more gracile, the cingulum of which is barely developed, a difference from M.
Proteomic analysis of brain proteins in the gracile axonal dystrophy (gad) mouse, a syndrome that emanates from dysfunctional ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L-1, reveals oxidation of key proteins," Journal of Neurochemistry, vol.
gracile was sensitive to the increased rainfall, but is opportunists and establishes rapid growth under situations of increased light penetration.
Apice de los tepalos erguido, nunca involuto luego de la antesis, raramente tepalos cuculados (Nothoscordum gracile var.
In cases with neurological deficits, due to disuse of the paralyzed limbs, it can be expected that the bones of the affected extremity are more gracile and even shorter (if the paralysis appeared at an early age), which was not the case in this woman confirming that the individual was active.
gracile cordadas a redondeadas en la base, crenadas o profundamente crenado-serradas; bracteas 8 a 12 6 Bracteas involucrales no bicoloras, verdes o blanquecinas o debilmente azuladas.
11] ont teste l'utilisation d'un lambeau myocutane du muscle gracile avec de bons resultats sur le plan esthetique et fonctionnel, mais sans avoir evalue la fertilite.
The relatively gracile Maroantsetrana with its weakly sculptured integument is clearly unrelated to Porcelloderes.