grace period

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grace period,

n a specified time, after a plan's premium payment is due, in which the protection of the plan continues subject to actual receipt of the premium within that time.
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in documentary form to fall within the grace period, disclosure must be
There are some companies and employers who like delaying their payments, and because we don't want them to do that, we've had to take administrative action against some companies that did not take advantage of the grace period by refusing to issue further work permits, basically to push them towards fine settlement," he said.
The bill is sent to customers 30 days after service is provided, after which time the grace period begins.
Hundreds of thousands of undocumented expatriate workers, including overstaying pilgrims and workers who escaped from their employers, have come forward to have their visa status corrected since the government issued the three-month grace period.
Good Energy welcomes the practical changes Government have announced today to grace periods for solar energy projects.
Almost identical to measures it announced a year ago, Bank of Cyprus said that unemployed borrowers with a home worth less than e1/4250,000 can apply for a grace period of 15 months, while presenting proof of their financial status they can pay a symbolic monthly repayment of e1/410 and if they remain out of work, the agreement can be extended for a further 12 months to the end of 2017.
Clients with housing loans who lost over 25 per cent of their family income and their house value does not exceed e1/4250,000 can request a 15-month grace period during which they will pay e1/430 per month.
Both ministries had for months urged all foreigners in the kingdom to make sure that their status was in accordance with the rules and regulations in the given grace period.
There is currently a six-month grace period between the expiry date of a certificate and the date needed to attend a refresher course, but come the new year that's all about to change.
Therefore, we will consider persons violating the labor law since 1428H to be within the grace period even if it expires.
There will be no extension of the grace period and there will be a zero-tolerance policy for those who fail to regularise their status, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official news agency.
Colonel Abdullah Obaid Al Muhairi, Director of the Central Operations Department of the Sharjah Police, motorists can still avail the grace period to pay up the fines at the discounted rate.