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Relating to or described by R. de Graaf.
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Follicles up to 15 mm diameter were considered as developing and beyond 15mm were considered as graafian follicles.
Materials deposited between the cumulus cells of Graafian follicles in gonadotropin-treated mouse ovaries were stained with colloidal iron.
Furthermore, our previous study revealed no alteration in the volumeof ovary,unilaminarprimary follicles, multilaminar primary follicles, secondary follicles, and graafian follicles in the experimental groups (9).
Follicles were classified into four types based on the classification of Erickson (2003): (i) Primordial - characterized by an oocyte surrounded by a single layer of flattened cells; (ii) Primary - characterized by a single layer of cuboidal pre-granulosa cells; (iii) Secondary - characterized by 2 to 5 complete layers of granulosa cells and (iv) Graafian - containing cavity occupying most of the total follicular volume.
35 ng/mL), which was assumed to be due to increased follicular development, followed by ovulation and corpus luteum formation or leutinization of Graafian follicles under estrogen-like activity of the plant extract.
Typically on CD 13, the LH surge rises to a peak, causing resumption of meiosis and ovulation of the Graafian follicle.
The histological examination of the ovaries of both the aqueous and hexane extracts treated groups showed the presence of newly formed corpora lutea or Graafian follicles in all the rats.
5-1%), occurs due to inability to release fully mature ovum outside the ovary and entrance of spermatozoa into the Graafian follicle.
In addition to secondary signs of estrus, the stage of estrus cycle was confirmed by the presence of fluctuant Graafian Follicles and the absence of corpus luteum by rectal palpation for all animals prior to AI.
Functional and structural relationship in the graafian follicle population of the sheep ovary.
Estrogen comes from the Graafian (mature) follicles of the ovary.
Graafian (grahf-e-ahn fohl-lihck-kuhlz) Fully mature follicles that either ovulate or go through atresia, which means they stop development and are reabsorbed by the ovary.