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Relating to or described by R. de Graaf.
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The antral or Graafian follicle is the last stage of follicular development.
Follicles up to 15 mm diameter were considered as developing and beyond 15mm were considered as graafian follicles.
Materials deposited between the cumulus cells of Graafian follicles in gonadotropin-treated mouse ovaries were stained with colloidal iron.
The stereological study did not reveal any significant changes in the volumes of ovaries, primary, secondary and graafian follicles (8).
Pb group: The empty Graafian follicles without oocytes (degeneration of the oocyte).
significant enhancement on the reproductive function with a decrease in number and diameter of Graafian follicles in comparison to the normal structure.The role of Nigella sativa in the preservation of ovarian structure and function has not been explored in detail.
Indeed, observing the menstruation regularity within patients, or the presence of Graafian follicles, does not testify to their ability to have an offspring.
This enabled mature Graafian follicles and corpora lutea (CL), the structure that forms after follicles have shed ova, to be counted.
Effect of calcium ion on the maturation of cumulus-enclosed pig follicular oocytes isolated from medium-sized Graafian follicles.
While the Graafian follicle is indeed the dominant follicle that releases the egg, after releasing the egg, the Graafian follicle does not migrate and attach to the uterine wall, as stated in the article, rather it turns into the corpus luteum, and is part of the ovary.
Serum progesterone concentrations were higher in both treatment groups (49.04 +- 6.67 and 40.20 +- 11.92 ng/mL for low and high dose groups respectively) compared to controls (21.76 +- 4.35 ng/mL), which was assumed to be due to increased follicular development, followed by ovulation and corpus luteum formation or leutinization of Graafian follicles under estrogen-like activity of the plant extract.