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A popular term for the academic faculty of a medical school
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You need n't save any old silk gowns for me; I don't mean to be a fine lady when I grow up, I 'm going to be a farmer's wife, and make butter and cheese, and have ten children, and raise pigs," she added in one enthusiastic burst.
If she wanted to buy that horrid new 'gooseberry-colored gown,' as Tom calls it, I 'd let her have it cheap," put in Maud, who was of a practical turn.
On this I plucked off the gown, and he with much show of haste did begin to undo his points; but when I threw his frock down he clipped it up and ran off all untrussed, leaving me in this sorry plight.
She will sit incubating her gown -- pardon the expression -- like a hen over an addled egg.
The housekeeper -- dressed to perfection, as usual, in a quiet, lavender-colored summer gown, a black mantilla, an unassuming straw bonnet, and a crisp blue veil -- escorted her invalid master with the tenderest attention; sometimes directing his notice respectfully to the various objects of the sea view; sometimes bending her head in graceful acknowledgment of the courtesy of passing strangers on the Parade, who stepped aside to let the invalid pass by.
The gown hung loosely over Little John's shoulders and came only to his waist.
So Little John clambered awkwardly into the quire, his short gown fluttering gaily; and he called the banns for the marriage of the maid and Allan-a-Dale once, twice, and thrice.
That's not enough," said Robin; "your gown is so short that you must talk longer.
VAL TAGUBA is choosing two different GOLD gowns and its official
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will hold a webinar on January 21, 2016, to outline its final guidance document entitled "Premarket Notification Requirements Concerning Gowns Intended for Use in Health Care Settings.
1) or isolation gowns for health personnel coverage (20 Unit)
After traveling to New York and viewing the wedding collection, Tara Coppola Fontana noticed that the stunning gowns so happened to be named after different Italian cities.